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Dentist n Dontist

Dentist and dontist is a clinic founded by wisdom of having 30 yrs experience in the field of dentistry in combination with latest technology available in world. We are recognized world-wide for our skilled patient care through an integration of state-of-the-art dentistry with a calming atmosphere of a luxury spa. Such unique combination yields high level of satisfactions from our clients from all around the world. We take great pride in being an innovative dental sanctuary where our clients rarely experience the discomfort usually associated with visits to traditional dental clinics. We provide an unrivalled patient-friendly atmosphere to support our belief that a visit to a dentist can be and should be a relaxing experience for all. Dentist and dontist makes it a priority to put you at ease the moment you step into the main lobby. The luxuriously decorated lounge offers nothing but a relaxing atmosphere. You can sink yourself in a sofa and quietly read through a large collection of books and magazines, or you can step into a media room where you can go on-line, catch up with emails, listen to music, and/or watch a movie from an extensive collection of CDs and DVDs from our media library.

Please keep +91 before the number when you dial.
  • Hyderabad

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